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What is Amulets?

Amulet is an object that is believed to be endowed with special powers to protect or bring good fortune. With the same belief, we present our vision of launching “Amulets”. These different Amulets will cover various religions, races & beliefs of people. Thus, there will be something for everyone all around the globe. We believe that holding these special Amulets will bring good health, peace, happiness & prosperity to the possessor!

Who is the team behind Amulets?

The team behind Amulets are people with the belief to work towards bringing positive energy and forces in life that will enhance health, wealth and create loving meaningful relationships.

Where can I find a roadmap?

We will share our roadmap shortly.

Mint information (Supply, Date and Price)


Roles information

Early supporter (ES): First 1,000 members in our discord will be given the ES role. ES will be given priority for Amulets OG and Amulets WL roles depending on their activities in the server.

Amulets OG: 2 mints Amulets

White List (WL): 1 mint

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